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TokenSight's Smart Features

Discover the Powerful Tools and Features of TokenSight's Smart Platform

TokenSight DEX Trading

Powerful trading features to automate your on-chain trading activities

Limit Orders

Eliminate the need to constantly check prices by utilizing TokenSight Limit Orders.

When your Limit Order target price is reached, TokenSight ensures seamless execution by automatically submitting the order in the next block, with front-running protection included out-of-the-box.

TokenSight Alerts

Discover the power of TokenSight Alerts: Get high-signal insights in real-time


Follow Whales and other entities, and get notified in real-time for their on-chain activities.

Stay steps ahead in the crypto game with our Wallet Following Alerts! Get instant notifications for every move of your preferred wallets, from swaps to transfers and beyond.

Available on all devices

Experience the convenience of ubiquitous trading across multiple devices


Stay connected with notifications

Notifications across all devices: tablet, phone, desktop, and watch



Unlock rewards abundance: Hold TKST and receive a share of the platform and token tax fees


Earn Rewards

All eligible token holders get a slice of the action as accumulated fees are distributed.

Holders of TKST Tokens qualify for 75% of platform trading fees and 40% of token trading taxes.


Referral Links

Unlock rewards with TokenSight Referral Links


Refer a friend

Earn 25% of fees from referred users using your exclusive referral link.

When you sign up with a referral link, enjoy a generous fee deduction of 10% on every trade you make through the platform.



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